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Through the years, we have established ourselves as leaders in eco-tourism and community-based tourism in Rwanda. Our customized tours are designed to provide you with as much interaction with locals and like-minded visitors as possible, while also enabling you to enjoy nature at its finest. We cooperate with an extensive network of community organizations, International NGOs, and volunteers to ensure that your experience here is meaningful and top-notch.

Furthermore, our fundamental objective at Bambou Tours is to promote local tourism that is both responsible and sustainable. We do it with a view to not only contribute to the economic development of the region and the prosperity of all those involved, but also to raise awareness and help visitors to East Africa and the surrounding regions understand our way of life. Come and join us on one of many African tours and enrich your experience with exciting cultural activities in the lush and unspoiled scenic heart of the African continent.

Prompt, efficient, engaging, and safe – these are the qualities that set Bambou Tours apart. Rely on us to turn your sojourn into a journey of exploration.




Over the past years, Patience has gained Experience working as a Rwandan tour organizer and guide for various International tour operators. His professionalism and reliability, along with his exceptional understanding of the needs and desires of International visitors, have made him renown among clients and earned him the respect of the local communities.

Patience relies on a network of contacts in the area, all of whom are happy to take part in this project. With his experience, know-how, and contacts, Patience will make your visitor experience memorable, while also benefiting the locals as much as possible.



East Africa is one of the best places to visit not only for wildlife viewing but also for cultural experiences, and it is our goal to call attention to and ensure the preservation of these powerful and exciting opportunities. Bambou Tours is committed to ensuring that our tours and experiences support the conservation of the natural environment and the preservation of cultural assets. Furthermore, by sharing our revenue and other economic benefits with the locals, we help nurture their sense of pride and their awareness that someone cares.


Phone +250788884557 E-mail bamboutours@gmail.com Hours M-F: 08AM-23:45PM - Weekends: 10AM-16PM, ( Kindly Note That There Is Always a Person To Help You At Any Time! Even If Office Time Is Up!!!)
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